How much are these beautiful Pearl Materials?

Click the button on the right hand section that says “contact us” so we can get more details about your order. We answer emails with in 24 hours.

How long does it take to get my order manufactured?

It depends on the quantity of the order. Our normal turn around time is 4-6 weeks. All Mactan Pearls purely hand made and custom.

What substrate do you use?

For mother of pearl tiles and mosaics, we use porcelain or ceramic. Most designers and creative clients that we use prefer a fiber mesh because it is light and cheaper on shipping and delivery. We can also use plywood or aluminum panels.

For wall panels and mosaic tiles, what is the standard size?

The standard size is 1 square foot or 30cm x 30cm. We do accept custom sizes and designs from 1″ x 1″ up to 4ft x 8ft length panels.

What can you inlay or cover?

We can inlay any surface. We do custom mosaics, backsplash, wall tiles, furniture, bath sets, jewelry, table top, shower areas and other surfaces in an architectural project.

If you are a creative person and would like to make your own designs, you are welcome to send us your drawings. We will convert them into CAD files for approval and then create your beautiful creations…

What are Mactan Pearls?

Mactan is all about exotic coverings. We inlay any surface with precious mother of pearl seashells and other unique pearl materials. We also do custom art murals. Just send us the design and we’ll do the rest. If you have questions, you can email or call us at (702) 525-4732.

Can I send my own pattern?

Yes, definitely. You can be creative and have your own design.

These are the standard patterns that we currently have…